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What I am reading Wednesday
Wednesday 25th August 2021 7:24 pm

What I Just Finished Reading
Limitless by Tim Peake. I discovered, by accident, that it was 99p on Kobo, so I bought it. and I really enjoyed. I do like seeing what other people's lives are like and he was in the Army for a long time, which is totally different to my life. It was really interesting to see how he ended up applying to be an astronaut and how he lobbied for British investment in ESA which would get him into space (among other things) which I didn't know.

There was one bit that tells me I think about marriage differently to most people (I expect). He had the opportunity to go to America for three years and he could take his girlfriend, if they were married. So he proposed and then asked if she fancied going to America, making it clear that wasn't the reason he proposed. It took me a little while to work out why. But if it was me I'd want to hear about the opportunity first. Because I think of marriage as practical, not romantic. The only reasons to get married, rather than just live together are practical ones.

But then given the choice between living with a partner and a rabbit, I'd choose rabbit.

I also finally finished Little Men by Louisa M Alcott that I started a re-read of years ago at a chapter a night, stopped and after having watched the March Family Web Series, I finally felt like finishing it.

What I'm Currently Reading
Emma by Jane Austen. Because I watched the web series Emma Approved and realised I remember Clueless better than the book. It is interesting to read it and compare it to Emma Approved and Clueless.

What I'm Reading Next
Whatever I feel like reading from my box of books I need to read or get rid of. Unless I get distracted by more cheap e-books (always a hazard).

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I’ve Never Seen Star Wars: Cheese on toast
Saturday 14th August 2021 10:03 am

I recently saw some melty cheese, so bought it on a whim. And then wasn't sure what to do with it. I put it on pizza and it was really nice. As I usually have toast for breakfast at weekends I thought I'd try putting some cheese on it.

The reason I've never had cheese on toast before is that I don't like cheese. In some respects becoming lactose intolerant has opened up a whole new food group to me, because soya cheese doesn't taste like cheese. It also doesn't melt - you have to have special melty cheese for that.

I'm not sure how you'd cook cheese on toast if it was real cheese, but the packet of the melty cheese says it takes longer to melt than normal cheese. Since I don't know how long normal cheese takes to melt, that doesn't really tell me much.

So I toasted my toast as usual, then when it had just turned into toast I put the cheese on and microwaved it. It turned out that 30 seconds was plenty and it had all melted.

And it wasn't great. The cheese is sticky to begin with, but melting it made it worse. After putting the knife into it, the knife pretty much stayed where it was put and required effort to move it. I only put enough cheese on to cover the toast, but once it had melted it felt like more cheese than toast. And it tasted like I was just eating melty cheese. Despite being nice on pizza, doesn't really work on toast.

So I won't be doing that again.

I'll give it a 5/10 because it wasn't disgusting, it was just not great, and the cheese melting was a novelty.

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