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[The West Wing] Two Weeks
Saturday 8th August 2020

Rating: General
Pairing: Josh/Donna
Summary: It's not business. It's personal!
For years, assistant Donna Moss has been faithfully holding a torch for her hunky boss. But she doesn't need a memo to see she's stuck in the friend zone! Donna decides she needs to look elsewhere for love. So she invents a long-distance girlfriend–the perfect excuse to quit her job and move away–and gives her two-weeks notice.
Josh Lyman is stunned by the extent of emotion that Donna's resignation releases! He soon discovers Donna's girlfriend is a sham, but rather than tip his hand, Josh decides to romance–and seduce–her into staying. Now Donna must choose whether to stick to her guns–or follow her heart into the arms of the man she loves!
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Fandom: The West Wing
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