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Character: Sarah Jane Smith

Doctor Who/Sarah Jane Adventures

Vanishing Act

Rating: General
Summary: An old friend turns up at Sarah Jane's.
Notes: In the current Big Finish UNIT series Harry is from the 80s but is in the current day due to an 'incident'. Given that in future releases he's travelling with the Fourth Doctor it seems likely the Doctor has something to do with it. I thought if he's in the present who is the one person from his past he can see and would understand what happened?

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Doctor Who

Second Chance with the Doctor's Companion

Rating: PG
Pairing: Sarah/Harry
Summary: Everyone in the town could see they didn't belong together. Sarah Jane Smith was the adventurous outsider with a mysterious past, and Harry Sullivan was the wholesome doctor. And Sarah's sudden departure just proved the rest of the town right...
Seven months later the Doctor dropping her off brings Sarah back into Harry's life, and once again he finds himself charmed by her. Everything feels different, but the risk of heartbreak is just as strong. But doesn't everyone deserve a second chance at happiness — even him...?
Notes: AU, where Harry never met the Doctor.

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