Angelic Paranoia

Paranoidangel's Fanfic

Character: Tenth Doctor

Sarah Jane Adventures

Indulging the Alien

Rating: PG-13
Beta: ladyvivien
Pairing: Sarah/Ten
Spoilers: None
Summary: For hhertzof who wanted: Something at least partially set in Sarah's attic with reference to objects therein, The Doctor (any Doctor), Explanation of the computer and sonic lipstick.
Notes: Written based on spoilers for Invasion of the Bane and before I saw the episode.

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Doctor Who

Home, Again

Rating: PG
Beta: by hhertzof and aervir
Spoilers: For all of series 2 really.
Summary: For netgirl_y2k's prompt: Sarah decides to go with the Doctor, Rose and Mickey at the end of School Reunion.
Notes: Various bits of speech are taken from the series 2 episodes: School Reunion, Age of Steel, Army of Ghosts and Doomsday.

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