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Doctor Who

Adrenalin High, Adrenalin Low

Rating: General
Summary: Kate and Osgood relax after a trying day.
Notes: Written for Persiflage

With the Dalek threat over, Kate returned to her office and slumped onto the chair. Although she was tired, but wasn't ready for home yet: there was still too much adrenalin in her system. It was a familiar feeling. And she knew what to do to make it dissipate.

Picking up her coat, she set off for Osgood's office, but met Osgood on the way. They nodded to each other and turned to leave the Tower.

They headed away from the river and across the road to a bar that wasn't frequented by UNIT employees. All that could be seen of it from the street was the doorway, with a discreet sign above it. Past the doorway was a flight of steps leading down to the basement.

As they approached the bar the barman set two drinks on it.

Kate frowned as she pulled out the money to pay for them. "Have we been here too often?"

"We have saved the world a lot this week." Osgood picked up her glass to take a sip.

It had been a particularly busy week. Fortunately all of the alien threats had been vanquished before the bar closed. They had drunk the same drinks every night.

"It's time for a change," Kate declared.

"Okay," Osgood said slowly. "Like what?"

Kate sipped her drink as she considered. It was a good drink that really hit the spot. Any other wouldn't be the same. "You choose the song," she decided. "Surprise me." The song was something that hadn't changed either. They were getting good at it by now.

Osgood looked surprised, but said, "Okay."

Once they'd reached the front of the queue and got on stage, Kate regretted her decision. She knew the song, but of all the ones to choose. "Really?" She was definitely making Osgood buy the rest of the drinks this evening.

"You said to surprise you." Osgood was unrepentant.

"I'm surprised." Although Kate didn't have the opportunity to say anything else because the song started. She couldn't stand on stage like a lemon, so she sang The Time Warp with Osgood. And somehow ended up letting herself being pulled into the actions too.

After that, and a few more drinks, she was relaxed enough to go home and sleep.

Inspired by Jemma Redgrave and Ingrid Oliver suggesting Kate and Osgood would do karaoke together