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Hush Little Baby

Rating: General
Summary: The Doctor and Jo have acquired a baby. The Brigadier is not impressed.
Notes: Written for CeruleanTactician

"Doctor," Alistair said, a warning tone in his voice, "what have you got there?"

"It's a baby." Jo's tone suggested that was obvious.

He knew it was a baby, of course, but he'd rather been hoping for an explanation of why the Doctor was holding a baby. He turned to the Doctor, gazing at him expectantly.

"It was abandoned," the Doctor replied, having to raise his voice as the baby's grizzling turned into full-on crying.

"You couldn't expect us to leave it, could you?" Jo said, having correctly interpreted the expression on Alistair's face. "Mike is searching for its mother."

Alistair sighed. He rather hoped that Captain Yates found her soon. "Why is it crying?" he practically had to shout to be heard.

"The Doctor's lullaby doesn't work on it," Jo said, impervious to the Doctor's glare.

"Brigadier!" The Doctor's eyes lit up in a way that filled Alistair with dread. "You have a daughter, you must know something about soothing babies." He held the baby out and Alistair had to take it, lest the Doctor drop it.

Automatically, he rearranged the baby in his arms into a less awkward position and tried to remember back to when Katie was that young. The trouble was that he was never home that often and it was rarely him that did anything at all with her.

Which was rather the problem now.

He sighed and tried bouncing the baby. Its cries did grow a little quieter. The Doctor looked more surprised than he ought to be, given that passing the baby to Alistair had been his idea.

Maybe it was because his ears were no longer under assault that Alistair noticed the smell. An exploratory sniff confirmed it was definitely coming from the baby. "I don't suppose you found any nappies?" he asked the Doctor.

"No," the Doctor and Jo said at the same time. "There was just a baby and nothing else," Jo added.

"Well, I'm sure you can come up with something, Doctor. You're very ingenious." Alistair handed the baby back to the Doctor and washed his hands of the whole thing. Metaphorically and literally.

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