Angelic Paranoia

Paranoidangel's Fanfic

Doctor Who

Skater Boy

Rating: General
Summary: The TARDIS has a surprise landing, especially for Ian.
Notes: Written for romanojo123

“Ian!” Barbara called out, as he collided with a skater and they both came crashing down.

“What happened?” Vicki asked, sounding worried, as she exited the TARDIS behind Barbara.

“What has Chesterton got himself into now?” The Doctor, looking over Vicki’s head, saw Ian struggling to right himself with Barbara’s help, and in the process nearly pull her over. He laughed. “Oh, Chesterton. You need the right sort of shoes for this weather.”

Ian glared at him as he finally stood. There were wet patches on his clothes, particularly at the knees. “Doctor, you’ve landed us on an ice rink!”

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