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Doctor Who

Snow and Insults

Rating: General
Summary: The Doctor and Jo have a few problems trying to leave.
Notes: Written for human_nature

"Of all the big-headed idiots, I would have thought..."

"Doctor." Jo gave a warning as they approached the TARDIS. She'd stopped listening to his complaining ages ago, merely making sympathetic noises. But this was a different problem.

At her word he turned to look where they were heading. The snow that had been falling the whole time they were on Fortuna had drifted in the wind and was now piled up against the TARDIS as high as the key hole.

"Oh, dear," was all he said. "We'll have to ask the Sultan for a shovel. Or a bed for the night."

She looked sceptical that the Sultan would agree to anything. "That would have been easier if you hadn't insulted him."

"I didn't insult him. I merely pointed out the error in his scientific reasoning."

Which he'd then interpreted as an insult and thrown the two of them out, with threats if they ever returned. Jo sighed and wrapped her arms around himself. She wasn't dressed for this weather.

"Maybe I could try and make amends," the Doctor said, more softly. He took off his coat and placed it around Jo's shoulders.

She smiled up at him, feeling warmer already.

It didn't work, of course. The minute the Sultan clapped eyes on them they were thrown in the dungeons. Which weren't much warmer than it was outside.

"I'm sure he'll calm down in the morning." Jo sat on the hard bed, watching the Doctor pace.

He rubbed the back of his neck. "We can't stay here all night."

"Why not?" she shrugged. "At least it's not snowing in here."

He chuckled, but finally looked over at her. Then sat beside her and put his arms around her. "I won't let you freeze," he said softly.

And he was wonderfully warm.