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Doctor Who

Wrong Time, Wrong Doctor

Rating: General
Summary: The Doctor and Ace on a mission to free some slaves. So are the Doctor and Evelyn.
Notes: Written for CeruleanTactician

Ace pulled the lid off the deodorant can, threw it into the barn and ran - straight into a tall man in a bright, multi-coloured coat. She didn't waste time worrying over who he was. She shouted "Duck" and grabbed his arm to pull him behind a small wall.

They were only just safely behind it when the Nitro 9 went off. "That's taken care of those Feregs."

The man looked shocked. "Did you say Feregs?"

She nodded. "Nasty little critters."

"Feregs?" The man drew himself up and he was really tall. Not that Ace let herself be intimidated. "Those nasty little critters, as you call them, are slaves to the Ferons. They didn't deserve being blown up."

"I haven't blown them up," she protested. She didn't kill aliens. Unless they were Daleks. But she frowned, worrying. "That's not what the Professor said." Had she got them the right way round? Had the barn she'd blown up been the one they kept their records in? Had the Doctor got the right one?

"I think I need a word with your Professor."

"He's in the stables." Ace pointed.

He gave her a glare then stomped off. She went to survey the destruction.

"Doctor, is this what you wanted? Ah." She stopped upon discovering the Doctor wasn't where she'd left him. Someone else was: a shorter man wearing a jumper covered in question marks.

"Evelyn." There was surprise on his face and sadness in his eyes. Which was odd because she'd never met him before. At her confusion he clarified, "It's me, the Doctor."

She considered that for a moment, then decided to take him at face value for the sake of an easy life. "Then you'll know if this is the clock that's going to cause a revolution." She held up what looked like an ordinary clock, as long as you didn't count the number of hands and disregarded the numbers. "Although I still don't understand how a clock can cause a revolution."

"It's not just a clock, it's also an important relic." The voice came from behind her and she turned to see the Doctor - the one she'd arrived with - behind her, with a face like thunder. "Planting it with the Ferons will give the impetus the Feregs need to stage a revolution. Or it would have if a girl hadn't blown them up."

"I can explain," the other Doctor promised.

As Ace entered the stables at a run, the tall man was in there, along with a woman and the Doctor. "Professor, there's nothing there. I blew up nothing."

"Thank goodness for that," the other man said.

"I think I got the timing a little wrong." The Doctor looked sheepish. "You see Evelyn and the Doctor are here to start a revolution, freeing the Feregs from Feron slavery. Later, the Feregs enslave the Ferons in turn. I may have arrived a hundred years too early."

"That does sound like you," the woman said.

"Evelyn!" the man said, but she didn't look sorry.

Another Doctor, Ace wondered. One with even less dress-sense, which she hadn't thought possible. She'd wind him up about that later. "What now, Professor?"

"You cook up some more Nitro 9 and we'll come back in a hundred years."

"No," the Doctor said firmly. "We'll do this right the first time."

Her Doctor shrugged. "Let's leave them to it." He offered Ace his arm and she took it.

She waited until they were out of earshot to ask, "That's it?"

He grinned, "We'll check back in a hundred years. We might need that Nitro 9 after all."