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Galaxy Quest

A Galaxy of Disappointment

Rating: General
Summary: The crew commiserate on recent audition disappointments
Notes: Written for WritLarge

"Hey, Tommy." Jason sauntered into the green room as if he owned the place. Just like he did with every room. "You grown again?"

At his words, and his grin, Tommy glared at him.

Jason frowned and put his arms out. "What?"

Tommy shook his head. "Every single casting director is surprised I've gotten older. Like they expected me to stay a kid forever."

Jason clicked his fingers. "That's right, you had that audition. Did you get the job?"

Tommy gave him a look. "Weren't you listening? Of course I didn't get the job. I'm too old."

"So am I," Gwen said from across the room, and sighed heavily. "All they're interested in are my looks. And my boobs."

"You have those," Jason said, enthusiastically.

It was Gwen's turn to glare. "We're in LA and I'm a woman. Once you're above thirty you're too old and losing your looks. Only thing I can do is to get a boob job, which I can't afford, even if I wanted one."

Jason opened his mouth, caught Gwen's warning look, and took notice of it for once. He closed his mouth and put his hands in his pockets, his expression saying that he never intended saying anything in the first place.

"All they want from me is Doctor Lazarus." Alexander didn't turn from his reflection in the mirror. Or rather Lazarus's reflection, since he had the head on. "They don't care about my stage work or all the Shakespeare I've done. No, they just want me to play an alien who spouts catchphrases. What is the point?"

Fred paused in his chip eating to say, "I stopped worrying about it."

"We noticed," Alexander said, dryly.

"How did you do that?" Tommy sat up straighter.

Alexander was suddenly busy touching up his make-up, Jason was admiring himself in a mirror and Gwen had a coughing fit.

"I can help you out," Fred offered.

"No." Gwen stood up. "Tommy, just say no, okay?"

"Oh. Yeah, I will." Tommy frowned and studied his knees.

"What's to worry about?" Jason turned back to the group. "The show was great and they want us. Okay, they want us to be our characters, but at least we're wanted."

"For convention appearances and store openings," Gwen said. "I want to act, not sign autographs and answer endless questions about the show."

Jason frowned. "Fans ask me to act in their videos all the time."

"And you never thought to ask us?" Alexander didn't sound surprised or even angry, just resigned.

"I thought you didn't want to do that stuff? Besides, they only ever need the commander."

"Of course they do," Alexander muttered.

"It's okay," Gwen said. "We'll get other acting jobs. Any day now."

"Yeah, nothing to worry about." Having finished his chips Fred started on another packet.

"Oh god." Alexander lowered his forehead to the make-up table and rested it there.