Angelic Paranoia

Paranoidangel's Fanfic

Length: 1000-2000 words

Mr Selfridge

A Wedding Reunion

Rating: General
Pairing: Gordon Selfridge/Grace Calthorpe
He was the love she lost…
Now he’s back.

When Grace Calthorpe called off her relationship with Gordon Selfridge she thought she’d lost him forever. Now he’s back and both find themselves working at the same wedding. Can the magical setting help heal the past, and allow them both to trust their hearts again…?

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Doctor Who

Messages From Ace's Phone

Rating: General
Beta: thisbluespirit
Summary: It's Tuesday. A normal day. If a normal day includes aliens and worrying about friends.
Notes: Set before The Power of the Doctor. Written for lurking_latinist. The grey texts on the left are from Tegan, the green ones on the right are from Ace.

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