Angelic Paranoia

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Our Flag Means Death

The Hurt Half

Rating: General
Pairing: Stede/Blackbeard
Spoilers: Series 1 episode 10
Summary: Stede remembers his family. Set after series 1.

While Stede is looking out across the water, Ed sneaks up on him.

"Is that..."

Stede puts the half petrified orange away, but it's too late and Ed's already seen it.

"What happened to the other half?"

He pictures his daughter and the way everyone worked together to fake his death. When he first left he hadn't missed his family and thought it meant he didn't care. Except he did care. Sometimes it hurt that he would never see his kids again.

But Ed wouldn't understand.

"I don't remember," he says breezily. He turns away and misses Ed's hurt expression.