Angelic Paranoia

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

First Contact: Red

Rating: General
Summary: The aliens have their own ideas about who should conduct first contact.
Notes: Written for lomelinde

"We are the Maihou," the alien on the screen intoned. "I am Anrogen."

It was hard to tell the scale but Erica thought he was short and squat. He wore a long red robe and sat at the front of his bridge. The crew around behind him were in shorter yellow robes.

"I'm Captain Christopher Pike of the Federation Starship Enterprise." Pike stood. "I--"

"No." Anrogen said forcefully. "We do not deal with underlings. We only speak to the red."

Erica frowned, but Pike said, "That's you," as he came up behind her.

She looked around - she was the only person wearing red who was visible on the screen. But still she wasn't sure. "Me?"

Pike made a motion to Uhura to cut the sound, then leaned down. "They clearly put a lot of stock in color. They think you're our leader."

"I can't do first contacts! I'm a pilot." She was trying not to panic and trying to think of a way out of this at the same time.

"You can." Pike put a hand on her shoulder. "You've been on the bridge and witnessed plenty. You know more than you think." He patted her shoulder and headed back to his chair, motioning to Uhura to turn the sound back on.

Wide-eyed, Erica stood and faced the screen. "Um, I'm Lieutenant Erica Ortegas of the Federation Starship Enterprise. We come in peace." Was that something Pike said? Now she thought about it, it probably wasn't. Too late now.

"Greetings." Anrogen bowed. "We bring a bounty from our people to yours, in the name of peace and long-lasting friendship."

The bounty turned out to be great-tasting gin that never gave you a hangover. Erica was the toast of the crew. And very relieved, yet never wanting to do that again.