Angelic Paranoia

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Stargate Atlantis

On Ice

Rating: G
Summary: Elizabeth reveals she shares a sporting interest with Rodney.

Elizabeth frowned as she rounded a corner and heard cheering. She was nowhere near the gym and it wasn't poker night, so she wondered what was going on. Whatever it was, it was bound to be more interesting than the stack of reports she had to get through.

Sneaking up to investigate wasn't hard - there was enough noise that no one heard her come up behind the group of people clustered around something. A few well-placed elbows and she found it was a laptop, which explained the slightly tinny sound coming from it.

"Oh, good shot," she said, at what she saw.

All of a sudden she found she was faced by a variety of guilty looking people.

"What's the score?" She made no move to reprimand anyone for not working.

"Uh, you watch curling?" Rodney asked.

She smiled in return. "Well, it's a little like chess." She didn't admit that it was Jack O'Neill who had explained all the rules and then forced her to watch some. She'd ended up liking it, only partly against her will.

At her admission, Rodney gave her a blow-by-blow account of what she'd missed and everyone settled in to watch the game.