Angelic Paranoia

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Superman & Lois

Full Force

Rating: General
Pairing: Clark/Lois
Spoilers: Truth and Consequences
Summary: After getting back to Earth Clark worries about the Jonathans. Set at the beginning of Truth and Consequences.

Clark leaned on the porch rail and sighed. He kept thinking about Jonathan - both of them.

The one from the other world had been lost without his father's guidance. So far Clark hadn't had any luck getting through to him. Although he hadn't missed the look on Jonathan's face when he learned his father was dead. Clark was not giving up hope. He might be the only person on this world who could get through to the other Jonathan.

But he couldn't help comparing their world to his. "The rift between Jonathan and his dad on the other world was so bad I don't know if they could have fixed it even if Anderson hadn't killed the other version of me."

From beside him, Lois rubbed his arm. "Things aren't that bad between you and Jonathan."

"I know." They weren't - not yet. But he couldn't let it get that bad. Which he knew could easily happen if he ignored the problem. Or was too busy stopping Ally.

"I don't like that he lied either." Lois linked her arm with his. "But at least it shows that he's loyal?"

Although she didn't sound like she believed that, he smiled anyway. It was true, but didn't change the bigger problem. Jonathan taking the X-Kryptonite hadn't been a lie or loyalty or for any reason other than for himself. But he recognized that Lois was trying to raise his spirits and that was enough to make him feel better.

"And it also shows that he's good at keeping secrets." He looked over at her. It was an important skill in this family.

She smiled too. "I know Candice made a terrible choice, but teenagers aren't always the best decision makers."

That was definitely true and he chuckled thinking about some of his own terrible decisions. "If I hadn't had my parents to stop me telling my secret to everyone in Smallville we could be living the same life as our other selves now."

"I'm glad you had sensible parents." She patted his hand.

He stood up straight and put an arm around her. "I'm glad our family is still together."

"I missed you." She turned into him to hug him and he obligingly held her close.

"I missed you too." Even if it wouldn't be nearly as much as she missed him. But she was stronger than he was. He wasn't sure how he'd have lasted thirty three days with no idea how long she'd be away. Or if she was ever coming home.

He bent to kiss her and oh. She really had missed him.

With everything that had happened with the other Jonathan since he got back he hadn't had time to spend with Lois, just being with her. But now it was late, the boys were asleep - he hoped - and with two kids they had learned to take their opportunities where they could get them.

This opportunity was best spent in bed. Which he took them to at super-speed.