Angelic Paranoia

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How Old?

Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Summary: For Gywnydd, Avon, Nickey and Lady Aranel who wanted respectively pre-War Aragorn and Pippin, Legolas and Aragorn friendship, Legolas, Merry

"No, older."

"Come on, Pippin, he doesn't look much older than you."

"Why don't we ask him? Loser buys the beer at the next inn we see?"

"That could be a very long way," but Aragorn was smiling as he dropped back level with the two hobbits. "What is the wager?"

"Legolas' age."

"Ah," Aragorn nodded, pretending not to hear Legolas catch up to them.

"Do you know?"

"Yes, Merry, I do."

"Tell us!" Merry and Pippin exclaimed at the same time.

"Legolas might not want me to reveal it. Elves keep their ages a secret, you know."

"We won't tell him you told us."

"Well, if you promise." Aragorn bent down to whisper to the hobbits, "He is older than me, but younger than an Age."


"I can tell you Aragorn's age to the day," Legolas said, giving Aragorn a wicked grin.

"Traitor," Aragorn said as Merry and Pippin turned round, all thoughts of Legolas' age forgotten as the Elf whispered more quietly than Aragorn had.

When Legolas straightened the hobbits gave Aragorn a pair of smirks and ran to tell Frodo and Sam.

"And just what did you say, my friend?"

Legolas' only answer was a smile.